Team Vegan - 2013 Gentleperson's Race

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Race report from Dave Shishkoff:

This is a crazy 3-person team event, with six checkpoints to hit, and i allied with two other OA members and vegans to give it a go on this slightly damp May 12th!

Meet Sandra Hardy and Nick Patenaude - Sandra is more of a mountain biker and adventure racer, extremely determined and focused, and knows the Highlands intimately; and Nick is a speedy diesel triathlete with a winning spirit! Me - i'm just a goof with a crazy race invite. ;)

Team Vegan, featuring Sandra, Nick and Dave!

We meet at Recyclistas on the Goose, and the start has a teammate RUN to get the race manifest - Nick was the natural one for this, everyone clicking away running in their clipless riding shoes.

A minute later we're all on our bikes, and at Tillicum, riders are cutting across the red light (BAD!!), but Team Vegan holds tight, and crosses legally... We work our way up the Goose, catching and passing clusters of riders, and soon find ourselves at the main 'front'. (Craig, Tom and Chopper Dan probably were WAY away from us all.)

We turn off the Goose up to Thetis, and after a little climbing we find ourselves at the first checkpoint on Barker Rd. We get our manifest marker, and head for the next stop: Durrance Rd. We take the trails across to Munns, but instead of heading up, we opt to ride down to Prospect and avoid the hills. Apparently most people thought Munns was faster...??!

We were quick to leave, but some fixies rip by us, including Jamie Cameron's team, who were plagued with problems...they lost a pump just before Thetis, then on Prospect a chain was dropped..but that wasn't the last we saw of them!

We rode with our 'main competition' along Prospect, it was Drew Mackenzie, and two riders i'm not as familiar with, but they were also a mixed-gender team, and the only one near us, so couldn't let 'em get too far from us!

We made a big gap on them down W Saanich and Wallace, but we stopped to ensure we were headed the right way - it said Durrance Rd West, but the road sign said Durrance Rd, so best check to see if this was it....and it was. They caught back up, and we stuck with them to the next checkpoint, and it turns out we're 1st and 2nd - Craig's team took a big wrong turn - eeeek!

Then it was back on more trails! They rode away from us, but before the 'Wall', they flatted...sidewall tear i later heard, boo..

That puts us in the lead!!

We get to the Wall, and start figuring out the best way to get around.. It's a near cliff-face we have to scramble our bike cleats...and with our bikes... Just as we're getting started, stacking our bikes at the bottom, Jamie's team arrives, so we all work together - great idea, we made up a lot of time!! We were kind of 2nd again for a few minutes..

Two photos nabbed from the Stuckylife Report, to depict what we had to get around!

We're back on the trail, and the other team is having trouble getting started.....and we're back in the overall lead!! Vegans Are Number 1!!!

The next stop was at the end of Caleb Pike Rd, and the trail spits us out on Wallace - we continue up Ross-Durrance, and at the top, Sandra has a little something up her sleeve - a trail that bypasses the rest of the road, and gets us to Finlayson Arm Rd without any more hills...!!! INCREDIBLE!

We motor along another trail (yes, we're on road bikes, and with fenders no less!) and we get back on the road, and head down the back end of Finlayson Arm Rd, which is a BRUTAL descent on the best of days. Since it's been raining (and hasn't for a few weeks), the roads are SLICK. Apparently a few people went down. We were very careful.

The next stop was the bridge at Goldstream Park, and we're still confirmed to be in the lead - holy crap! Next stop is a long-haul, Becher Bay in Metchosin... We get onto the highway, and take the safe route - Goldstream, Jacklin, Sooke, Happy Valley and Rocky Pt. We go down to the Becher Marina, which isn't the road is what we're looking for, and it's at the start of the East Sooke hiking trails. We get some water there, and are still in the lead! We saw some fixie riders heading back to town tho tho, so our lead is now just the other geared riders.

As we're headed out of the park, Craig's team passes us, headed for the park...crap! We've only got 5 mins on them now...

We keep a firm pace, back down Sooke, but take the Goose, to try and avoid some hills. Good call. Craig's guys knew the route tho, and halfway through the Goose section, they rip past longer winning the race. We keep them in sight until Rocky Pt Rd, and then they're gone...

Next stop is the bridge on Lagoon Rd - we keep up our firm pace, everyone's working well together - yay team!!

We get to the bridge, and Craig's team is just pulling out...what?! Turns out we had to do another running bit...i got our marker, Nick runs and completes a challenge (getting us some Builder Bars!) and we head up the road towards Colwood - now we're just headed to the final stop, the Esquimalt Gorge Park. We hadn't seen any other teams for some time, so we figured we must be doing fairly well... We motor along Craigflower, and arrive...phew!

So 2nd Overall in the Geared category, just 4 minutes behind the winner! I don't know if there was a Mixed Gender category, but we would have pwned that one. =)

Team Vegan at the finish! Great riding by all, and a super-fun day!

Next team rolled in 9 min later, so it was pretty close for the Top 3! (All men on that team as well.)  Apparently out of about 17 teams that started, only 9 finished....!! (6 geared, 3 fixie teams.)  Pretty brutal course, so many hills...super-fun day tho!! Read the Stuckylife Report here.

Really happy and proud of our team, Sandra and Nick are superstars, and great to ride with! Also check my Strava page, complete with map.

Sandra adds: 

It was more fun than I expected to do a road race as part of Team Vegan! I think the offroad portions and the need to navigate made me feel more at home. Although as you can see from the photos, it's kind of ironic that this vegan was sandwiched between two hams ;) Ha ha.

Dave and Nick are both really strong riders, and I was pretty glad by the third hour that they were doing more than their share of pulling. Dave kept us all motivated, reminding us that we were in fact racing, and not just out for a Sunday ride.  I guess that we worked pretty well as a team though, since it seemed we were all equally tired by the end. Can't believe we held off some of the strongest roadies in Vic for three and a half hours, and were only four minutes back! Very fun day, and I am so excited to be part of OrganicAthlete!

Nick adds:

Wow! This was the longest I've sat in a saddle since... Last summer! It was an amazing ride, and not quite what I expected; a lot more gravel and dirt than I'm used to! It was great to be riding with such strong teammates though, and especially teammates who were far stronger on hill climbs than I was (noticed this the most when we were on E Sooke heading back to Happy Valley!)! We had such a fun & positive team, lots of encouragement and celebration over every kilometer, it was great to be a part of this amazing trifecta of Vegan Power! I look forward to riding in this again next year, maybe we'll even put in multiple OA teams? Again, I just want to say thanks so much to Dave and Sandra for the awesome job pulling me up East Sooke when I was trying to stuff my face with my Cranberry Lime Edge bar and those mini Clif bars at the Beecher checkpoint! #VeganPower!!

Eat your veggies, peeps! =)
Completed Race Manifest

2012 OA Omnium (Aug 16 & 17)

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OA Victoria organized a two-night 'Omnium' event at the Westshore Velodrome, inspired in part by Canadian Olympians Tara Whitten and Zach Bell, who finished 4th and 9th, respectively at this event!

The Omium is a two-day event, featuring six events: the Flying Lap (333m in Victoria), the Points Race and Elimination Race on the first day, and the Individual Pursuit, Scratch Race and 500m/Kilo on the second day.  It's an excellent test of a well-rounded racer, challenging endurance and sprint capabilities with bunch racing and efforts against the clock. Series points are based on results, so if a rider wins all 6 events, they get 6 points. Lower point totals are favorable in the series scoring.

We're happy to welcome a total of 45 riders and members of the Greater Victoria Velodrome Association, and a highlight is that over 30 were Junior riders, and three were as young as 13! For simplicity, we had three main groupings, as A, B and C racers, with the A's riding longer distances in most events.

For the Overall C field, our Omnium Champion was Tarryn Cote(VAC-ProCity), who tied fellow junior teammate John Willcox(VAC-ProCity) with 15 points, but the tie was broken by their Pursuit times, and Tarryn came out ahead! Brodie Hay(MIVA) finished 3rd, not far back with 20 points. 4th & 5th also saw a tie in points, but Rachel Carey(Tripleshot)'s faster Pursuit time put her in a higher placing than 5th place finisher Isaiah Green(VAC-ProCity). It's worth highlighting that Tarryn's finish has inspired her to go and race at the Canadian National Track Championships in September!

In our Junior rankings, congrats to these top efforts in their age groups (U15=13 or 14, U17= 15 or 16):

U15-Female: Rachel Carey
U15-Male: John Wilcox
U17-Female: Tarryn Cote

The B field was also a very tight competition, and made for some very animated bunch races, but Alex Amiri(Russ Hay's/Accent Inns) finished in the top 4 of each event, including two wins leaves his points earnings of 13 just the right amount for a 1st Place finish and B Champion! Fantastic effort from a new rider. Logan Simonson (who we first met at the Durian Cup MTB race organized by OA Victoria!) was his main competitor, only 3pts behind for 2nd. Velodrome patron saint Dr. Wayne Walker(Dr Walker Sports Chiropractor) rounded off the podium with 3rd. Duncan Grant(Tripleshot) and Logan's pop Eric Simonson(Tripleshot) were just a few points behind the good doctor.

Our Junior racings saw the following top age-based results:

U17-Male: Alex Amiri
Junion-Male: Duncan Grant (from the B field)

The A field was clearly a battle between Tom Malczynski(ProCity Racing) and track veteran and former long-time OA racer Emile De Rosnay(Russ Hay's/Accent Inns) - after Day 1, there was but 1 point separating the two riders. Day 2 tho saw Emile win all three events, and so ensured the overall title of 2012 OA Omnium Champion!  Tom kept him honest in his finish for 2nd, 3rd-5th was separated by 3 points, but the final tally saw Evan Carey(Pacific Cycling Center), Alex Hui(ProCity Racing) and event organizer Dave Shishkoff(OrganicAthlete Victoria) repectively. Evan also holds the distinction of being the top Junior-Male rider.

Once again, congratulations to OA Omnium champions Tarryn, Alex and Emile - good luck at the Provincial Championships!

Thanks so much to Steve Lund and Lister Farrar for helping put this together, and to all our volunteers: a small army of people helped with scoring, timing, holding, flipping lap counters, and other odds and ends, and we're grateful for their help.

Also, a big thank-you to OA Victoria sponsors Purica, Sarah's Place, Oak Bay Bikes, Green CuisineVegetarian Restaurant, Equinox Health Clinic(welcome, new sponsor!) and Vega for providing prizes.

Full results located here:

A few extra photos located here:

Our next events will be the Junior Time Trial Championships of the Universe (co-sponsored by VAC-ProCity) on Sept 9th, and the 3rd Annual Save-A-Turkey Trot 5k fun-run will be in early October.

Cycling Festival Weekend

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Welcome to the new Blog section of the Victoria Chapter of OrganicAthlete!

Our first entry will focus on the Vancouver Island Cycling Festival, in which three of our members participated, Marty Machacek, Evan Guengerich and Dave Shishkoff.

Friday - Harbour Sprints #1

The first in a 3-Part race series of pairs of drag races right in front of the legislature! Both Marty and Dave made it out to race this 'open' event without categories. It comes down to those who can sprint the 300 meters fastest for the win!

Marty made it 4 (of 6) rounds before being eliminated by the speedy youngster Derek Brain. Dave made it one round further, but was eliminated by Canada's top downhiller Jamie Biluk. Dave made it far enough that it wasn't quite over yet, and one more race against local fixie speedster Parker Bloom for 'Bronze' (3rd & 4th). Parker started quick, but Dave dug deep and overtook him halfway down the strip, and punched it for the line, earning him the 3rd step on the podium for the night!

Here are a few of the fantastic event photos courtesy of Jon Lake Photo, click here for more of his event photos:

Dave racing Travis B 

Marty motors down the course to victory 

The podium

Brian Park also produced an excellent video of the event:
Saturday - Tour de Victoria

Perhaps the biggest cycling event ever seen on the island, hundreds of cyclists signed up for either the 90km or 140km route, in celebration of Victoria's cycling hero Ryder Hesjedal (who finished 7th in the Tour de France last year!) Evan was up to the task, despite minimal training time this year, and completed the 90km trip, commenting on Facebook:

"Tour de Victoria--90k version! Anticipation, rolling enclosure, closed roads, being undertrained, riding fast in a bunch, fighting to stay in contact, hills, being dropped, rain, soaking wet, drying out, great volunteers and spectators, digging deep till it hurts just cause, meeting Simon Whitfield, being passed by Ryder Hesjedal, post ride debrief with Cal, remembering why I love cycling. What a great morning."

Evan with Olympic gold medalist, sports hero and OA Victoria friend Simon Whitfield

Another brand new event, this short but intense 5.3km race against the clock with the Juan de Fuca Straight and mountains as a backdrop up and down a blustery Dallas Rd.

Both Marty and Dave were signed up for the Category 3 race (bike racing is broken down to 5 categories, Cat5 being beginners, and Cat1 the level of professionals), but Marty was stuck on the water on a Swiftsure boat, as the day wasn't very windy (unlike the evening!)

The route was tough and technical, but Dave carefully considered the route, and executed his plan, starting off with a bit less gusto, and saving it for the very windy, uphill stretch after the Moss St corner to Beacon Hill, leaving very little gas for the downhill section back to Clover Point. Dave's time was 8 minutes 16.9 seconds, which placed him 6th out of about a dozen people in his category. Given that he was very close or beat his regular competitors in other local TT events, it was a solid finish for him. (Full results here.)

Dave charges at the start, photo: Duane Martindale

Dave powers into the the wind approaching Moss St, photo: Geoff Robson

The crown jewel in this weekend of racing, the Bastion Square crit, a 900m loop in downtown Victoria, is one of the most famous races in BC, and hotly contested!

Dave and Marty lined up for the Cat3 race, which would doubtless be fast and intense. Dave has had a top finish on this course in the past, earning a 3rd place in the Cat4 race several years ago, but this was Marty's first time racing the course. At 9:45am they were off to a quick start, hitting 50kph in the first 40 seconds! Things leveled out soon after, but the field of 19 racers was very evenly matched, and despite numerous attacks over the 51 minutes of racing and averaging 39kph, no one could escape or solo away, leaving it to a bunch sprint finish.

Dave had spent most of the race up front, responding to attacks, and not allowing any to escape. The efforts were felt in the final laps, and while he hung in with the pack for the finish, he didn't have any gas for the line. Marty, however, took over, and in the end got himself up near the front and passing other sprinters just missed the podium with 4th place in this hotly contested event! Dave sneaked by a few on the final stretch for 11th. (Cat3 results.)

Dave leads for a lap, photo: Duane Martindale

Marty takes a corner, photo: Duane Martindale

Dave and Marty both watching the front of the pack in the final laps, photo: Duane Martindale

Marty (far right) sprints for the line, Dave (middle) is further back, photo: Duane Martindale

A big thank-you to team sponsor Purica for lending us their tent, providing some appreciated shade for our warm-up and cool-down, and a thank-you to the rest of our sponsors for helping us get this far!

More local races are in our near future, with the Harbour Sprint series continuing the next two Fridays, and much more racing will be underway with the re-opening of the Juan de Fuca Velodrome! Dave, Marty and others will be regular faces at the weekly and big events there.

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