OA Omnium

OA Omnium
August 15th and 16th, 2013 - the OrganicAthlete Omnium!

This is our second annual running of the OA Omnium (click here for the 2012 report), and once again will feature 6 events over 3 nights in the UCI Omnium format.

Thursday 6:30pm Friday, August 15th Events: Flying Lap, Points Race and the Elimination Race
Friday 6pm Saturday, August 16th Events: Individual Pursuit, Scratch Race and the 500m/Kilo ITT.

NOTE: Weather Delay! Thursday is CANCELLED. Now Fri & Sat night.

We'll have A, B and C category fields, plus will filter out and highlight Junior results as well (U15 & U17). For distances, all will do a full 333m Lap, A's will do a Kilo, the B's and C's will do a 500m, and for Pursuits, A's do 4km, B's do 3km and C's do 2km.

Sign-Up Page (no fee!): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rC9VUIwq1w8O8w0ul7sJcO-MNOKezl7pb275jDCbugA/viewform

Racing is free (regular GVVA fees apply), plus a few prizes to be distributed by draw. Thanks so far to sponsors and supporters PuricaEquinox Health Clinic, Saanichton Physiotherapy & Sports ClinicThe Edge Food Energy Bar, Benjamin's Bites and Oak Bay Bikes for prizes!

Come on down, you won't find any better prep for the Provincial Championships the following weekend!